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Title Loans in Killeen, TX

We are often the best short-term solution for making ends meet or keeping you afloat.

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Ambrose Title Loans
Title loans in Killeen, Texas.

Vehicle title loans are the new go to loan when it comes to quick cash. Instead of pursuing personal loans, cash advances and payday loans, people are choosing simple, convenient car title loans.

Most people are totally unaware that Killeen car title loans can also be used for business purposes too. If you own a vehicle in running condition and have a lien free title, there is a good chance you could be approved for a loan today.

Do you have
the requirements needed
for loan approval?

At Ambrose Title Loans, our main concern is that you have the requirements needed to meet legal considerations and the cash to repay the loan when taking out a vehicle title loan. Since applying for title loans Killeen is free, we encourage everyone to apply. You’ll have the opportunity to get the loan process started, receive your upfront loan estimate and speak with a loan representative about your financial needs at no charge. Consulting with a professional may provide answers to your questions and insight into improving your finances.

For loan approval you’ll need:


Income can come from one or more sources, and you don’t even have to be currently employed. Most people simply provide us with their latest paycheck stub, which works fine if you’re working. Retiree income may work a little bit different. Many retirees are often on fixed incomes with a dedicated source of money through pension funds, part-time work, Social Security benefits or other sources of cash. Even if you aren’t currently working, you could be approved using unemployment benefits, alimony or disability benefits.


To meet the legal requirements for collateral, vehicles offered as collateral don’t have to be in perfect condition, but they must at least be drivable to obtain the highest loan payout possible.


You cannot legally enter into a loan agreement if you aren’t at least 18. Therefore, you’ll need to supply Ambrose Title Loans with proof of your age using your driver’s license or Texas identification card.

Car Titles

To secure auto title loans Killeen , car titles are used as security towards the loans. Once you are approved and have signed a contract, you’ll turn over the title to your vehicle during the closing of the loan. We place a lien against the vehicle temporarily. Car titles are returned to lenders after we receive final payments.

Titles must be in good order. The title should verify you are the legal owner of the auto. Ideally, we prefer there are no lien holders listed on the title against the vehicle offered as security.

Applying is
Easy & Quick!

Applicants are asked to provide us with contact information and vehicle information to begin the application process. We require the following information:

  • Your first and last name, zip code and a phone number.
  • The model, make, body style, age and a mileage estimate of your car, motorcycle, truck or RV.

1. Applying

Anyone in need of quick cash can apply at their convenience for fast cash. You are welcome to complete an application online, at a local loan center store in Killeen or over the telephone.

2. Completing Loan Details

You will be working on the phone with a loan representative who will help you to qualify and select a loan repayment plan.

3. Closing on the Loan

Loan closings are held at convenient loan center stores where you’ll turn over the vehicle title, read your contract, ask last minute questions and legalize the loan by signing your contract. Lastly, you’ll pick up your loan funds.

Contracts are written according to state auto title regulations, which can help to protect borrowers and provide them with important loan term information about their loan and responsibilities. Contracts will include:

  • Applicable loan fees
  • Minimum payment amounts
  • The total cost of your loan
  • The total cost of the interest for you loan term and the rate you are charged
  • A handy repayment schedule to stay on top of payments
  • A brief explanation about missing payments

  No Credit Concerns

One of the best features about title loans in Killeen is that applicants don’t have to worry about being turned down because of bad credit. Since borrowers are already securing their loans with their vehicles, there is no need for perfect credit scores.

  Cash in a Day or Less

Our customers know they can count on us to provide fast, professional loans. You can depend on us to payout within 24 hours or less.

  Loan Amounts

You could receive a loan amount for a few hundred dollars if you have an older model vehicle or even thousands if your auto is newer with relatively few miles. Loan amounts are also dependent on your ability to make your monthly payments. Most approved borrowers receive about 75 percent of their vehicle’s value.

  Using Your Loan Funds

Unlike some banks, which require you to state the purpose for your loan, Ambrose Title Loans won’t ask you how you’ll spend your loan funds. Use the money to make rent payments, cover high electric bills, and fix the brakes on the car or anything you need.

  Free Use of Your Vehicle

There is no need to worry that your car will be impounded during the loan period. We understand that your primary form of transportation may be the car you’re offering as collateral. You can continue to use your car as you always have.